Trouble adding members to my account


I’m new to working with CloudFlare so apologies if this is a dump question. I’m a little stuck and any help that anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

I need to add a new member to my website’s CloudFlare account. I consulted the page below:

However, the invite member box described on this page does not appear for my account. I think this might be because my role is “Administrator” and not “Super Administrator”. Is that likely the answer?

The issue that I have is the account for our website that has Super Administrator status I don’t have access to anymore. I only started recently and no one here knows the password for this older CloudFlare account. I cannot reset the password as the email account the reset password email is sent to no longer exists.

Does anyone know how I can get myself upgraded to Super Administrator without access to the old account? Or how I can add new users without being a Super Administrator?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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