Trouble adding domain with email TLD

Greetings to all helpful folks at Cloudflare!

I’ve just transferred two domains to cloudflare. The first: was transferred successfully to Cloudflare and it’s dyndns updating client configured correctly.

Using the same procedure and fields, I cannot get the updating client for working. The only difference is the domain TLD.

My logs report:
/services_dyndns_edit.php: phpDynDNS (devan): (Error) Zone or Host ID was not found, check the hostname.
I’ve tried the following hostnames:




None of them work.

For user ID, I’ve tried the email address or the zone ID.

For password, I’ve used the token authorized for DNS:edit as well as the global API key.

Is there something unique to the TLD “email”?

Thank you

Hi @bhagatdevicesbb can you share the actual domain names?

No, but check the dns records on the *.email zone as they are not proxied and there is no A record.

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Thank you for your help. I added a A record manually via the Cloudflare webgui. Then reconfigured my DNS updating client and it worked. Perhaps it just needed 6 hours or so.

Thanks again

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