Trolling on anxietyforum[dot]net

There’s this idiot spamming on anxietyforum[dot]net, and when I looked at a, it states Cloudflare[dot]com is “hosting” the site. Not true, obviously.

Can you let me know who the actual host is for this website? The forum now has hundreds of posts with my name and address splattered in them, because some sad Australian jackass registered heaps of profiles and spammed all over each section. This has went on for almost a year on that site, but he has harassed me on many other forums as well. That’s because the forum has been abandoned.

Hello there,

Sorry to hear that.

The site uses Cloudflare to manage DNS here.
If you want to report abuse, you may report at
You can dig more information from here on the same.

I sent a report today.

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