Triggering of cloudflare protection on subdomain

Somebody please help regarding this error which is encountered on installation of wordpress on subdomain. The bar shown in the centre is continuously progressing.



is it your site?

Yes, it is mine. I am sorry I have posted the incorrect image. Ths correct image is attached now.
Thanks for your concern.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue.

If you’re using or to access cPanel’s File Manager to edit some files, kindly make sure to have unproxied :grey: (DNS-only).

From your screenshot, you’re trying to edit wp-config.php, however Cloudfalre WAF triggers any request going for that specific file.
I’d suggest you to download it and modify on your local computer then re-upload and re-write the existing one with the modified one.

Kindly, see here:

Currently, there is no way to bypass it or a workaround as for a zone with a Free plan when we inspect for the Firewall Events, it would show “unknown rule id or could not find ruleset” and no option to add some exception for Managed WAF Rule. For a higher paid plans such as Pro, the WAF has got an option to add an exception or skip that detection.

Last response from Cloudflare support which I’ve got was as follows:

As an update, our engineering team is looking to rollout the WAF for everyone in Q4 this year. This would allow the free tier users to make use of the override feature in our WAF ruleset to bypass the rules.

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