Trigger error not logged to sentry


I am on the worker Bundled plan and using triggers.

I have a logging to sentry in place in case of errors. I received a notification this morning, because I had a bug in my trigger.
I fixed the bug (unrelated to logging) and let the trigger run again.

The trigger did run partially (it sent some emails), but somehow was interrupted before the end (the database was not updated as expected).

However there is no log in sentry and the cloudflare dashboard indicates:

(Usually the dashboard does not indicate any error, because my logging handler catches the error - at least this is the case for the initial bug)

Is there any way to have more information about the failure?
Is it possible that the trigger has been interrupted because it took too long or did too many subrequests?

Thank you

The same trigger was successful the next hour (email and database ok) :thinking: