Tried to alter DNS IP for my website, It has reset back to old IP for 7 hours once every 30-40 minutes

I have tried to change IP address for my website. and the www record as well.

I change it to

It takes it and changed. then in 30-40 minutes it goes back to the old IP address and I have to go back to Cloudflare DNS to change it again.

I have done this about ten times.

I opened a support ticket but only had one response 5 hours ago. to change my password which I did

It could also be an external service you have set up that uses the API to make the changes.

First of all, go to your Cloudflare Dashboard, and look at the Audit Logs (home screen at the very top). It will show you account activity, such as DNS changes.

If you’re confident you don’t need the API for anything, like you’re not actively using it, go to your Profile in the Dashboard. It’s in the upper right corner. At the bottom of your Profile, you can “Change” your Global API Key.

The logs show some A records Adds which are changing it. supposedly from my email address

Jul 28, 2018
A add
My email
Date: 2018-07-28 20:33:07 (PDT)
User IP Address:
Action Details: MYEmail added MYURL
Resource: DNS record
New Value: [WRONG]
Audit Record: 709dca74-20af-51f7-bbf0-e9f928091ba8
“Content”: [WrongIP]
“Name”: "MyURL,
“Proxied”: true,
“Ttl”: “1”,
“Type”: “A”,
“Zone id”: “8242daf6a8f0c4b22f2dcdbd3b7e73ed”,
“Zone name”: “myURL”

I have changed the API key. Waiting to see that the DNS is stable

That User IP address is from Amazon AWS, so it’s likely a third party service you’ve configured for something.

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