Tried DNS move and no DNS resolutions are working

Hi all,
I tried to move away from cloudflare to godaddy for DNS and all my sites stopped working. I moved back the NS records to point to Cloudflare and they are still not working. Can you help. we have production outage.


What is the domain?

that came as a link that is not working here it is “

Looks great to me, perhaps clear cache, try a mobile, incognito, or different browser?

Thank you so much, will try that. but when I ping I draw blank
Am I not supposed to get a response for DNS lookups?

No luck, cleared the cache. still getting this error

Hmm, that’s really odd. The nameservers don’t point to cloudflare any longer and the domain is showing as moved. Did you change your nameservers with your domain registrar?

Perhaps contact your registrar and ask them about the ICANN holds on the domain as that may be impacting the change.

But, yes, a ping will return a cloudflare IP when the site is active.

thank you so much Cloonan. yes I tried to move DNS again and pointed to Route 53 to see i can get the url to resolve. :frowning:

Got it, thank you. If the ICANN issues are really what’s preventing the change of ns from happening/sticking, I suspect then we’ll see it with the change to route 53 nameservers.

EDIT: Yep, seems we’re delayed with the switch to route 53, I think the next call you need to make is to godaddy and find out if there are any ICANN issues with your domain that are preventing updates to your nameservers.

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