Tried connecting godaddy domain to point to my clickfunnels account through cloudflare but still not verified in clickfunnels

So, I’m trying to get my domain registered at godaddy to show my clickfunnels built pages - I’ve changed the name servers to cloudflare in godaddy but it still wont pick up my site?

Im not tech savvy here, head about to explode, would really appreciate someone’s help

What’s the domain?

What else have you done, besides changing nameservers?

  1. Have you actually attached the domain to your Clickfunnels site? You do this in your Clickfunnels dashboard.

  2. Have you also added the necessary CNAME record to link your domain to the Clickfunnels platform? You do this in your Cloudflare dashboard, under DNS, but you’ll need the actual CNAME record from Clickfunnels.

Please follow Clickfunnel’s own documentation below to do this the right way.

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