Tricky setting up with CF

I’m trying to setup domain with CF. Generally I can’t get rid off “Website not active (DNS modification pending)” for it.

The case isn’t trivial (at least for me) because this domain is an free artistic domain originally registered with It is not possible to register any new domains there anymore but the old ones are still maintained through a questionnaire on website. Because of that I don’t have direct access to DNS setup for this domain on servers and I don’t want to wait 2 weeks for the questionnaire request to be resolved.

When registering the domain, long time ago, I asked to point NS records at and where the website was hosted. I have access to webio’s DNS zone for this domain so I added two NS records there pointing at Cloudflare’s ones and added two A records with IP and IP.

I did it around two days ago and from what I understand from online tutorials it should be enough to delegate it to CF but on CF i’m still getting “DNS modification pending” for it. Both dnschecker and webdnstools shows Cloudflare NS servers for this domain.

Am I missing something? Please help :slight_smile:

You have configured the Cloudflare nameservers at your current host instead of at your registrar.

Problem for me is that I can’t easily configure nameservers at my registrar as I don’t have direct access to any configuration there. It is done by submitting a ticket that is resolved withing 2 weeks.

Isn’t it possible to make this configuration at my host working? I thought it is possible to make configuration like -> -> Cloudflare?

I am afraid that would not work. webio is not the authoritative source for You will need to change it at your registrar.

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