Triangle warning 'moved'

domain recently expired, i’ve since renewed, name servers point to cloudflare but when i check on cloudflare panel
triangle warning ‘moved’ - not sure what i need to do ? name servers are correct etc, account recently expired and then was renewed.

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You may want to check that your assigned nameservers have not changed in Cloudflare. It is also worth confirming them in your registrar. It is not uncommon for the registrar to change the nameservers when a domain registration lapses.

If you would like Community members to report their findings, you may share your domain name.

drriske is the domain .com

just can’t figure out why site isn’t loading anymore

This sounds like an issue on your origin site. You may want to pause Cloudflare and test. Make sure that your site is loading properly over HTTPS when Cloudflare is paused.

Check the troubleshooting steps for ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

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