Transitioning to Google Analytics with Zaraz

Hi. Can someone help us to figure out how to transition from using Google Analytics via a plugin at our WP site to using Google Analytics with Zaraz? So should we deactivate the Google Analytics plug-in first and then enable it in Zaraz? How do we know if everything’s working correctly as before? Thanks in advance.

Zaraz noobie.

Hey @wayne7,
Happy to help! I can’t tell what the WP plugin does exactly, so it’s hard to be very helpful. But in order to use Zaraz you will need to deactivate that plugin, and enable Cloudflare Zaraz on your domain. To make sure you are still getting the data you need, you need to add triggers in the UI, and map events to GA. Take a look on the get started section of the documentation. FYI we are looking into building an easy WP integration in the future, but this doesn’t exist yet.