Transitioning from Ezoic to Cloudflare

I’m beginning my transition from Ezoic DNS to Cloudflare, and I’ve already hit my first snag! LOL

I signed up for Ezoic (a Certified Cloudflare Partner) back in August. Step one at that time was to let them import DNS settings from my server, then I changed the nameservers on my domains to point to the ones they gave me.

On the server, my domain had two NS records (ns1/, an A record for that pointed to my server’s IP, and a second A record for that pointed to my server’s IP.

When I added it to Ezoic, their system changed the two NS records to their domains (falcon/, and kept the two A records that pointed to my server’s IP.

When I added the domain to Cloudflare, though, I have:

  1. No NS records

  2. three A records that point to Amazon IPs (I’m guessing these are dedicated to Ezoic)

  3. a warning that no A record for www was found (even though it’s definitely on Ezoic’s dashboard)

  4. there are 3 new AAAA records that point to IPv6 addresses.

The A records for FTP and mail point to my server’s IP, but nothing else actually points to my server.

I’m making an educated guess that this is the way it’s supposed to be: the Cloudflare DNS pointing to what I’m guessing are Ezoic’s IP, and then Ezoic pointing to my server.

If that’s right then I guess that I need to add A records for manually. Would I just duplicate the three A records for (without the www)? Would I also need to manually copy the three AAAA records?

I was wrong :open_mouth: I had to go through the DNS settings and manually change them to match my server instead of Ezoic. Then the next step is to update Ezoic with my Cloudflare account, and they change the DNS records on their end to match.

So I ended up deleting the AAAA records and one of the A records, changing one of the remaining A record have my server’s IP, then changing the second A record for www and also point to my server’s IP.

I didn’t add NS records and everything seems fine.

I had to email Ezoic about integrating my account with Cloudflare, so if they reply and say that I did anything wrong I’ll update tomorrow. But so far my site is working, so I think I did everything right.

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