Transit provider issue 30 August

We are continuing to monitor for any further issues.

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2nd such issue in last 3-4 days. It really hurt the business especially in these dreaded times.

Is there a way to monitor more detailed updates on this issue? We have over a dozen client sites down.

Issue definitely affecting me—one of my cloudflare-protected sites is completely unreachable with 522 errors, and my cloudflare DNS control panel also throwing 522 errors so I can’t even try to un-proxy it.

I assume this is a widespread issue since this Discourse forum and Cloudflare’s support page are also intermittently throwing the same 522 errors. I had to refresh this forum topic page 3-4 times to get it to load.

My sites are not responding. Getting Error 522. These sites are business- critical. What can I do, if anything? Thanks.

The only way to work around this specific issue it to set all DNS entries to :grey: then cross your fingers and hope that none of your visitors have to go through CenturyLink on their way to your site. Every once in a while, a backbone provider goofs something up that takes out a big chunk of the Internet.


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