"transient error (421): 4.7.0" when forwarding emails to Gmail

As a matter of curiosity please also read here:

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Quickly looking in this article looks like same issue that Cloudflare is facing, Microsoft faced as well.

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All good, at least on the incident page „ This incident has been resolved.“. :tada:

Still not working, but hopefully just temporary?!

transient error (421): 4.7.28 Gmail has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating4.7.28 from your DKIM domain [cloudflare-email.net 36]. To protect our4.7.28 users from spam, mail sent from your domain has been temporarily4.7.28 rate limited.

Also not working for me. I don’t think that we will get a working solution here. As the mvps are saying: if we want reliability we should move away from forwarding and use a dedicated mail solution like mxroute or gmailify.com. Others are telling that forwardemail is more reliable. Or use a worker solution and forward to a backup mail provider in case that primary provider is declining.

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Just want to say that I got the Email Worker and subdomain to ImprovMX to work based on the excellent work from this conversation:

Even with integration to Telegram :slight_smile:

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Found a workaround: You can forward emails to a free anonaddy.com address, which forwards the emails to Gmail

I’m seeing this now for emails as well (even though the issue says resolved):

It would be nice if the email fails to forward for there to be some sort of fall back or even a way to view the email in the cloudflare portal

There is a fall back option. See solution in earlier posts.

Yeah I did the CF → outlook → Gmail forwarding. We’ll have to see if it works.

I am saying about using cloudflare workers and than the rest, not just this:

same here
This is not goint to fix
and they r not responding to any community messages here, neither email or ticket request

I finally switched away from Cloudflare mail routing. Yes I had written my own worker with telegram integration but as more I read about other mail providers (Outlook, …) declining mails from Cloudflare I won’t get in the next situation seeing my backup provider declining Cloudflare mails aswell.

What I did is I moved to Gmailify.com - I tested it already a couple of days but now I am full back on it.

Edit: and potentially more important: now my sent mails are sent via gmailify.com and have a valid dkim. I guess this will be important in the next months/years.

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Yeah, I switched to Gmailify too. It works like a charm.

Does Gmailify have a way to just forward emails without any interaction from the receiving gmail account holder? (understanding that without the POP backup it would only be marginally better than the situation with Cloudflare)

I played with it a little and walking some of my elderly users though the setup would be extremely painful.

No. You would need to assist your elderly people to set it up. But it is a one time setup.

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Yeah I switched over to Gmailify as well. I had an issue over the weekend where Cloudflare would just show “error” in the logs (it wasn’t even hitting my worker), when I attempted to forward from Gmail with attachements.

I did submit an issue with Gmailify as subdomain messages, while delivered without issue, do not show in the logs. Hopefully that gets addressed.