Transform rule to add header based on hostname not applying

I have setup a transform rule to add a header to the request “X-Cloudflare-PSK” when the hostname equals a subdomain of Cloudflare hosted domain. The rule is to ensure that our API only gets severed on our domain rather than the service providers temporary domain.

It appears that Cloudflare is just not adding the transform rule to requests via the hostname - when I use postman to add the header to my request it all works fine!

The gateway looking at the inbound request is case sensitive but that should not be the problem.

Just a sanity check, the hostname you want is covered by a :orange: DNS?

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@Cyb3r-Jak3 thanks for the reply. Absolutely this is the in the DNS records in the same Cloudflare account. Ahhh but it is DNS only, it’s not proxyied by Cloudflare - would that be the issue?

It was the issue - makes sense, you have to have Cloudflare proxying the subdomain.

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