Transform Rule only triggers on first page load?

Update: So the issue is that Transform Rules don’t actually change the URL that shows in the address bar. It changes the request to the server. It turns out that my query was indeed persistently being applied to all pages once I looked over the server access logs. This solved my cache isolation objective because Cloudflare caching state is based on the server request even if the URL has the appearance of being the same for everyone in their address bar.

I’ve created Transform Rule for the purpose of adding /?uk at the end of every URL when the visitor is from the United Kingdom. This is for full-page caching isolation purposes.

However, strangely this rule is only working on the first page load and also only on the homepage. I need it to be persistent for all subsequent pages in the user’s journey.

I’ve tried both static and dynamic (concat) methods and also both ‘Path’ and ‘Query’.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

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