Transfiguring DNS from GoDaddy

I am transferring the DNS from a GoDaddy account to Cloudflare. The actual website is hosted at and Godaddy s used as a registrar and name server. I can’t find an answer to whether or not I should keep or delete _domainconnect when I complete the DNS change

Hello, I am new and also moving from GoDaddy and have the same question. I don’t want to finish the move until I am sure of the answer thanks

Was hoping this was something easy that many users had seen before because I don’t want to move the DNS and break anything until I know about this. I even checked this spec/Domain Connect Spec Draft.adoc at master · Domain-Connect/spec · GitHub but still don’t understand

I also read that after a google search and still not sure what to do. Have you tried asking Godaddy? I am asking them today to see if they can advise on it

Well I spent 70 minutes & spoke with 3 different support people at GoDaddy and none of them knew anything about DNS except for what they were reading from some document, needless to say they had no idea what CNAME _domainconnect wasor what I should do…

One of them even told me: “if you move the nameserver away from GoDaddy then your A record will be parked automatically” as a response to what the CNAME _domainconnect was… so frustrating

Delete it. It’s a Godaddy thing.

I am trying that today

Delete it.

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