Transferring websites (not domains) from one Cloudflare account to another

I have 2 domains that were purchased with Hover. The domains both had nameservers sent previously to an cloudflare account. We need to move to a separate cloudflare account. I created the new cloudflare account and added both sites to it. I then went back into the hover account and changed the NS from (old cloudflare account)

In my new cloudflare account I changed the A record to the new hosting IP address for both domains. (when I set up the new account, it imported current Zone file DNS records for each domain.)

Is there anything else I need to do? The domains are not cloudflare domains, but it’s been almost a day and while I’m seeing the NS changed at whatsmydns . net the IP for the A records has not changed.

Also, there were AAAA records but the new hosting doesn’t use those so I didn’t change them.

If the nameservers have changed, all should be working.

Are the A records proxied?

When you visit the website, is there a difference between the site on the old and the new hosting so you can tell which one you are reaching? (Or can you make a difference).

If not sure, what are the websites?

That’s what I would expect too but when I go to whatsmydns and check the nameservers have changed to the new account but the A records have are still showing the old ip addresses. When I try to load the domains i get this error “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” We can’t connect to the server


Sorry, I forgot that. They are: and

when they are live I can tell that it changed too. and old IPs are

new is

You need to update the DNSSEC info at your registrar due to the change in nameservers (or turn it off there).

Okay, I deleted them on hover. Think that will allow it to go through?

what’s still strange is that on those links you sent it’s showing the old ip addresses for the a record.

Those are Cloudflare IP addresses as your records are proxied. You will still see these when the site is working (although they may change).

Just wait a while as the updated namesevers and records propagate now the DNSSEC is fixed.

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