Transferring website to new host

Hello, I know how to setup CF for a new site, however I am about to take over from another webmaster and have access to the site and am transferring it my hosting company. The site already has CF activated. What is the best way to handle this if the current provider wont hand over their CF account to me? Should I ask them to deactivate CF and then when I do the transfer I can configure CF fresh? or is there a smoother way of doing this?

You need to

  1. add the site to CF
  2. Go to the domain name registrar and add the CF name server
  3. At CF add A/AAAA Record
  4. Test if A Record is pointed to domain by using any of the online tools like mxtoolbox dot com.
    Hope that helps

You’d go to the registrar and point it to your account’s Cloudflare name servers. It’s very much like setting up a new domain here. The only drawback is nothing transfers over. If they can export the DNS records for you, that would help. Then you’ll have to go through all the settings from scratch.

Thanks guys, very helpful advice.

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