Transferring .UK TDL to Cloudflare

Now that .UK domains can be purchased via Cloudflare and transferred over from another registrar to Cloudflare, what is the Cloudflare IPS TAG for doing a transfer? Thanks

Someone made it look like the IPS tag is: CLOUDFLARE

There are a couple of other posts on the topic:

Ok, I have figured it out if anyone else is having the same issue. It is surprising Cloudflare don’t document this anywhere to help people but you need to change the DNS of the domain with your current registrar to point to Cloudflare first rather just changing the IPS TAG with your current registrar. Then in Cloudflare go to Registrar page and your domain name should appear in the list there as an option to transfer. You will then be presented with the following info once you start the transfer:

UK Domain Transfer Instructions

After completing the checkout you must request your current Registrar to update the IPS Tag to “CLOUDFLARE”. Please be sure to follow any additional instructions provided by your registrar. Once your registrar has updated the IPS Tag, Cloudflare will be notified and the transfer will be processed.

Note: The IPS Tag update must be completed within 7 days. Transfer notifications received after 7 days will automatically be rejected and you will be required to complete the checkout process again.

No authorization code required.

After checkout you must request that your current Registrar updates the domain tag to “CLOUDFLARE”.

Failure to complete transfer will result in an automatic rejection of the transfer.

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Thanks sdayman for the reply. You are correct with ‘CLOUDFLARE’ being the tag required

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