Transferring to 1910?

I put in an order to transfer four domains from my current registrar to Cloudflare not long ago and gave the correct verification codes, which each gave a green tick before processing the order, but when I checked in the overview section not long ago, three of the four suggested I had used the wrong codes. I re-entered these and they changed to approval pending.

Not long ago I received four emails from the current registrar saying a transfer order had been received and giving me 5 days to cancel by clicking a link. The curious part is that it said “NameGuard received notification on Thursday, Dec 13, 2018 that you have requested a transfer to 1910 for”. Presumably this is some sort of ID for Cloudflare but it’s a bit disconcerting.

Hi @Sgt_Bilko, curious as to from what registrar did you move these? I’ve transferred from godaddy and 1&1 and did not receive anything as cryptic, in fact no mention of the destination registrar.

This arrived from roughly an hour after I put in the request. I’ve had some domains with them for the best part of a decade.

I had the same issue when transfering all my domains regarding “when I checked in the overview section not long, three of the four suggested I had used the wrong codes”.

I simply went into the “overview” page for each domain and re-entered the same code, this worked for me.

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In my case the one that was originally accepted was a .net, whereas the three rejected domains were all .com. After re-entering the codes they all seemed to be OK.

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My transfer to the mysterious 1910 AKA “Cloudflare” has gone smoothly and I received the confirmation emails this morning.

The old host didn’t ask me to confirm the transfer; instead they sent repeated emails offering a chance to cancel and it felt more like a psychological test than a change of registrar. If I’d read those in a distracted moment before the third cup of coffee in the morning I could have easily clicked the cancel button.

The range of registrar options at Cloudlfare is impressive. There is an auto renew switch and they take care of the rest, automatically employing best practices for security. Over the years I have spent an awful lot of time either messing with options or wishing they were present, so this is fairly magical in comparison and Cloudflare obviously thought about this carefully.

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To anyone wondering about this in the future, 1910 is the ID assigned for Cloudflare by IANA/ICANN, the body that determines what providers can deal with domain registrations. You can find the number 1910 in the reference list of all approved registrars, here: - another interesting information on that list is how many domains do each registrar hold (unfortunately not updated monthly; last update at the time these words are written is January '19)

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