Transferring site to CF and/or DNS? Confused!

To start, these docs are obsolete:

There are no links of any kind here.

I then go to my site in my dashboard:

(See ref #1)

If I go to DNS, it tells me I’m already at namecheap (which… I know! Expected a link here. “Transfer to us!” “Point your DNS nameservers to us!” - but alas, nada).

On dash, I found this:

(See ref #2)

…but says unable to transfer, “requires full DNS setup”:

(See ref #3)

There’s NO extra information, and no link to “point dns to us!”, either. What does this even mean? :confused: I’m going to “assume” I need to point dns nameserver to cloudflare to start.

Well, how do I do that? Where? No link? No docs, other than the expired one?

Why is this so unnecessarily difficult? O_O

EDIT: Even your forum is difficult! I can’t post even 3 images because my account is new?

In the “Full DNS Setup” link, it’s supposed to go here:

However, that link is also dead. 2 out of 2 docs I wanted were obsolete or broken.

It looks like you’re already using Cloudflare through a hosting partner.

If that’s working for you, then I suggest you stick with it.

Or is there something you want to change?

If you’re considering using Cloudflare for your registrar, that’s really not necessary. They’re just offering a discount to existing customers, but it’s restrictive, as you must use Cloudflare name servers for domains registered at Cloudflare. For now.

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