Transferring Parked Domains to Cloudflare

I use Cloudflare for my main site but I have a number of domains registered elsewhere.

With Cloudflare’s low prices on domains, I want to transfer these to Cloudflare to save some money on the renewals.

They are currently registered with GoDaddy.

However, I am confused about what to do with the DNS on these?

I have no interest in these domains being pointed anywhere or receiving any email, I just want to hold on to them for now.

What should I do with the DNS when I add them to Cloudflare?



Nothing? I have somewhat dead domains here that don’t forward anywhere. They have old IP addresses that don’t work. Sometimes I dig through and update them to something like or even Or just don’t have DNS records.

Just remember that domains registered here need to have Cloudflare name servers. If you want to use a non-Cloudflare name server setup, you’ll have to transfer that domain back out of Cloudflare. But only after the 90 day wait.


Sometimes the best answers are the simple ones!

Thank you, didn’t realise I could do that.

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