Transferring Parked Domain to Cloudflare


We own the parked domain and we want to transfer it to Cloudflare.

We are currently in the limbo period of our domain - - being transferred over but we want transferred as well.

Would this be possible to do on our main account? If so, how would we go about doing that?

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I’m not sure what the issue is. They can be treated independently, and don’t need to be under Cloudflare Registrar to be added to your account.

It looks like the “4” domain is pending transfer somewhere. Whenever the “for” one is free to update, it can be transferred over as well.

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Thank you for the quick response! Yep, I know that.

I wanted the “for” domain to be under the “4” account but I just chose the “Add Site” option for the “for” domain to Cloudflare. I just need to make sure the IP address is pointing to our host so the redirect works properly.

We are transferring both of our domains to Cloudflare registrar because we can save money and they offer services our host’s registrar doesn’t.

Sorry for the confusion but all I needed to do was add it as a new site.

Thank you for your help, nonetheless.

Hopefully I am correct? I would need to add it as a site first before I can transfer the domain to Cloudflare’s registrar, right?

That’s correct. Then transfer the registration whenever the time is right.

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I just had one more question.

I am in the middle of transferring our “for” domain to Cloudflare Registrar and the contact information for step 3 “Confirm Contact Information” is a bit different. Does that contact information need to match exactly with what is on our host under the Domain service? Or is that completely separate from what’s on record for our contact information when the domain was registered?

It’s separate. Pretty much whatever legitimate info you want it to be, and will be hidden from the public.

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Thanks for the help.

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