Transferring Ownership of DNS

We are taking ownership of our DNS from another company that is managing it. There are two domains and they have provided me the DNS zone exports for both domains. They were operating on a free CloudFlare account. I have since created a free CloudFlare account as well. These DNS manage our website and email, so I want to ensure a seamless transition from little to no downtime when migrating them to my new free account. I’ve added the two sites to my account, both now “pending nameserver update”. Once I go into Godaddy and point to the new DNS nameservers, will there be any downtime - or what are my next steps? It says it will take up to 24 hours on the overview page but I also heard since I’m going from CloudFlare free to CloudFlare free there will be no downtime. Please advise.


If your DNS records are identically configured then there will be no downtown, Cloudflare will answer from the old configuration until it notices the nameserver update and will then answer from the new configuration.

But, this does not guarantee all settings are correct, there could be page rules, cache settings or other settings that need to match too.

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