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I transferred two domains out of cloudflare. One transfer has gone through. The other is shown as active at the new registrar but also active in cloudflare. When I have tried to set up gmail for the domain, it doesn’t work, and google sees the domain as belonging to cloudflare. It’s less than a week since I made the transfer - will this resolve itself in the next few days, or do I need to do something?

Hi there,

Seeing your logs, It seems you initiated the transfer for ha?...? in 2024-01-31, and it’s already out of your account.
The reason it’s showing active at Cloudflare (but not at your account) is that the domain is using Cloudflare’s services, but you can check the nameservers are not the same as you had… and it’s no longer resolving to your account.

Many other companies use Cloudflare as their backbone core structure, so quite often you’ll find hosting providers, registrars, dns and many kinds of web/services providers using Cloudflare “under the hood”.

On an end note, I’m not sure if the domain is supposed to resolve somewhere or merely be used as a mail service, because currently it only has MX records and no A record at the apex to resolve to.

EDIT: the same is true for fu?...?

Take care.

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Thanks for looking at it. The transfer seems to have gone through now as the emails on the domain have started working. The other website was the second one which seemed to have already gone through ok. No website yet, so that’s fine!

Thanks very much for your help.

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