Transferring .org domains to Cloudflare

I’m in the midst of transferring several domains over to Cloudflare, but the majority of my *.org domains are failing to transfer. The domains in question have been unlocked at the registrar, and I’ve tried, failed, cancelled, retried a few of them to no avail. Anyone else had any issues with *.org domains? I can only guess that it has something to do with GDPR and WHOIS privacy.

Can you post such a domain? The authorisation code was correct, I presume? Are they past their 60 day window at the current registrar?

In looking through the failed domains to find one to post, I’ve discovered something that might be salient. One of the domains that seems to be transferring without a hitch is—and a WHOIS search shows an organizational admin contact. Another that’s having issues is, and its admin is Contact Privacy Inc.

I’m afraid to say I usually just through $10–15 at my domains every year, and don’t pay enough attention to the various data privacy changes that are lately occurring. If anyone can confirm that WHOIS privacy is indeed the issue—and has any pointers on how to take care of it—I’d be grateful.

Incidentally, regarding @sandro’s other questions, I’ve copied/pasted and typed by hand the auth codes several times. And yes, these domains are several years old in most cases—all of them well beyond the 60 day limit.

In that case I’d contact Cloudflare’s support and ask why it failed. They should hopefully have more information on that.

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Contacted. Thanks @sandro!