Transferring nameservers to CF - exact copy

I’m moving 2 sites DNS to cloudflare. I have added the sites, and its scanned the existing DNS and given me a list of records.

My question is this, if I switch the nameservers now, from my old one, will everythgin continue as before or will there be any outage? Surely if the records are the same as they were on the old nameserver, then it should be fine right?

I am planning on moving web servers, and will ultimately be changing IPs etc in my DNS, but at this point, its a straight duplication of existing records.

If they’re an exact match, then there will be no outage. Some users will use old DNS that’s working, then they’ll slowly discover the new name servers with matching records and will go that way.

Bottom line, if your website works properly with HTTPS before moving to Cloudflare, it will work fine after moving to Cloudflare with default settings.

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