Transferring NameServers from Liquid Web to CloudFlare

At Liquid Web, a console exposes NS records for “ns . liquidweb . com” and “ns1 . liquidweb . com”. In this console, I deleted those and replaced them with “dion . ns . Cloudflare . com” and “laura . ns . Cloudflare . com”. It has been over a month, I checked back and there’s no registry or acknowledgement of this.

The “two links per post” idea is nice and retarded.

Unnecessary, it is applied to new users to help stop spam.

Onto the question, is Liquidweb your registrar? If not then the nameservers will need to be changed where your domain is registered. If it is, then have you clicked the ‘Recheck nameservers’ button on the Cloudflare dashboard?

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You need to set the name servers at your domain registrar. NS records aren’t how Cloudflare checks for the update, as they’re not authoritative for your domain.

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I apologize for the remark. This NS might be an issue over on Liquid Web’s side, as this is where I’ve had to change the nameservers. I’ll have to make sure also that that domain isn’t co-managed by something like Google Domains. I will update this thread.

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