Transferring domains registered with Cloudflare Registrar between accounts

I’m aware that we currently cannot transfer domains between accounts registered with Cloudflare Registrar:

Do we have any idea when this functionality will be available? I need to enable API access to two different domains in two different accounts, but the application that I’m using only supports a single API key. Is there any way to move a domain from one account to another?

Compounding the problem is that it’s a pro account so it has a lot of settings that need to be transferred as well.

Hi @jason47,

As you said, this is not generally possible.

Even if Registrar domains are moved to a different account, the settings and subscriptions are not transferred over and this would need to be set up again.

In May 2020, I was told it was being worked on, in January this year I was there was no ETA on this being a dashboard feature, but that it was being worked on. I’m afraid we can’t give a definite answer, but I wouldn’t hope for it too soon.

Thanks for the answer.

Can I transfer out to some other registrar and then back in again? What are my options here?

I wouldn’t even bother with the second part. I have some domains registered here, but most registered elsewhere. The lock-in here can be a struggle, and I think it’s worth the few extra dollars per year to use my regular third-party registrars.

I need to do DNS-01 validation on some of my domains, so I need a registrar that supports it. CloudFlare does a great job at it with their API keys, which is the biggest reason I have my domains here. That and the built in identity protection.

Some of my domains are in one account while others are in a different account. This makes API key management a pain in my Certbot setup.

Not that any of this matters for my issue at hand. I’m just explaining why I’m here today.

I use DNS-01 validation on most of my domains. This isn’t done through the registrar. Rather, it’s done by your DNS Host, which is Cloudflare.

If you mean privacy protection for your registered domains, most of the big domain registrars, and many small ones, support this for free.

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