Transferring Domain with Registration Greater Than 10 Years

We are trying to transfer a domain from another registrar. We’ve ran into issues with another platform that had strict registration period requirements (ie the domain that is being transferred cannot have a registration period that exceeds 9 years). I know Cloudflare does not allow registrations greater than 10 years, but can we still transfer over the domain? Or will the 10 year cap prevent us from moving our domains to this platform?

Great question and it looks :search: like that has been asked before,

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Ah that’s what I was afraid of. Thank you for the reply! You can mark this as closed (unless I can).

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It looks like the FAQ has been updated since I posted that.

I registered my domain for 10 years at another registrar. If I transfer it to Cloudflare will I gain another year?

No. A domain cannot have more than 10 years on the term. If you registered your domain for 10 years, you will get 10 years upon transferring it to Cloudflare.

While I haven’t tried this, it sounds like you may still be able to transfer as long as you don’t mind not gaining a year, I presume you would still have to pay for it though.

A caveat to this is it it happens to have a .uk TLD as these can be transferred without adding a year and at no initial cost.

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Thanks for the help. So it seems there is some ambiguity here. Is there anyone from the Cloudflare team that knows the answer to this question?


The 10 year expiration date is not imposed by Cloudflare but by the Registry.

If you have experienced this with other Registrars it will likely be the same with Cloudflare so if the Registry restricts this once the domain is transferred the expiration date will not be extended more than 10 years.