Transferring domain to new account - nameserver issue

Like others, our domain is hosted and registered with Cloudflare however, the person who set this up, is no longer with the company and didn’t pass over the login details.

I have set up a new account and added our domain, but the final part it’s asking me to update the nameservers on the domain registrar, which is with Cloudflare but I do not have the original login details. I’m stumped, asking Cloudflare support for help and they’re not responding.

Please can someone advise how I complete the final step to gain control of our domain?

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Can you tell us the ticket number so that we can check?

But this looks like updating NS request. You will have to update the Name Servers at your registrar where previously you would have added the Name Server. This needs login access to your registrar before you moved your DNS to Cloudflare. This need not be updated at Cloudflare.

Without knowing the domain name, it’s hard to diagnose. But if it really is Cloudflare Registrar, they can’t move a registration to a different account.

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ohh yes. overlooked that part. Yes thats the caveat with Cloudflare registrar.

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Hi there,

My ticket number is: 2499419

Thank you,

Cloudflare is the original registrar of the our domain.

I sure hope they used a company email address. If that’s the case, then you should have access to their email account and can gain access to their Cloudflare account with the “forgot password” link.

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+1 to @sdayman’s suggestion. I responded to the ticket with the similar response. Please revert with the required steps and we can help you further.

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