Transferring domain to Cloudflare with WHOIS information protected throughout process


I am trying to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

In the guide by cloudflare, it says: “Customers must remove ‘WhoisGuard’ from NameCheap prior to transferring the domain”. [1]

The issue is I don’t want to remove whoisguard, even if it is only for 10 minutes or so as I know some websites log whois history permanently.

Will it work, and my whois information still be protected if I skip that step?
Do I have to manually request a ticket on Namecheap rather than through their UI?
Has anyone had an experience with this or a similar situation before?

I know it should be possible as I have the both the right to transfer domain name registrations between registrars and protected WHOIS information.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



Under ICANN regulation, Cloudflare is required to send an email to the account registered on the WHOIS information on the registered domain. I believe this is a measure to ensure that you can successfully claim the domain.

Having a quick search around, I found this on the DNSimple webpage (not Cloudflare, but I believe the reasoning is the same)

[When you transfer a doamin], we are required by ICANN to send a transfer verification email to the current registrant email address. If you start a domain transfer while having whois privacy enabled at your current domain registrar, there is a high probability that the transfer verification email will not be delivered.

There are several reasons a whois privacy provider might not deliver domain transfer emails:

  • The email address they provide is generic and will discard any inbound emails.
  • The email address they provide is randomized but not correctly forwarded to your registrant email.
  • The whois privacy provider is not properly forwarding emails due to technical reasons.

Maybe a good gauge of whether you can keep WhoisGuard enabled is to send an email to the registered email on your domain (the Whoisguarded one) and see if you receive it successfully, if so then I believe you should be able to keep the guard on through the transfer.


You are allowed to transfer your domain from NameCheap to Cloudflare.

I did that few times with .com TLD domain. I did not need to “turn off” the WhoisGuard in the process.

Moreover, regarding how to transfer your domain out from NameCheap kindly consider following the below articles:

Regarding the transfer to Cloudflare, kindly check here:

Just to note here, there are some differences regarding WhousGuard (as WHOIS Privacy) and WHOIS Redaction, to learn more check here:


Thank you both for your very helpful replies.

I did it with whoisguard enabled, and they have all gone through fine.

I couldn’t choose between your answers, so flipped a coin to mark as the solution!

Thanks again, have a nice Friday evening o/


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