Transferring Domain to CF what happens to emails?

Hi one of my Godaddy domains has SSL protection through Cloud Flare.

I now want to transfer that domain from Godaddy to Cloud Flare but I am worried about the emails that I have registered under that domain.

What would I need to do through both Godaddy and Cloud Flare to ensure that my emails are all transferred correctly and seamlessly to Cloud Flare?

Or do emails continue with Godaddy after I transfer that domain to Cloud Flare.

It sounds like your domain is already using Cloudflare.

Are you asking about the domain registration itself?

Yes i want to transfer the domain to cloudflare from godaddy

Nothing should change. You’re already using Cloudflare DNS.

Thanks Sdayman.
I’ve not transferred a domain from godaddy before…and there are no specific instructions …

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