Transferring Domain to CF Issue, Stuck!

I initiated a domain transfer from InMotion to CF, I already had CF name servers assigned to the domain. But apparently when I initiated the transfer CF assigned different CF name servers to my domain and I received a warning that the transfer is being held up because I don’t have the correct CF name servers assigned.

I contacted InMotion and they can’t update the name servers while it’s in “transfer”, I can either cancel the transfer or somehow figure out how to get CF assign my original CF servers to my domain if that’s even possible?

I tried canceling the transfer, I press the cancel transfer button but it doesn’t process…it’s doing nothing. So I can’t cancel…

Anyone have advice?

I have a free account, I don’t have access to chat help or any other direct CF support apparently.

Hi @steve.davis all customers can open registrar, billing and account tickets regardless of plan type.

What is the domain in question?

That sounds like you added the domain (zone) to a different account as once the site is active on cloudflare you can start a transfer to Cloudflare Registrar. That transfer does not involve a further change to your nameservers…unless you are moving the domain to a different cf account with different nameservers assigned.

Thank you. I found the account ticket form and will submit the issue.

Ya, it’s a mystery. I’m not sure why the name servers changed. I didn’t move the domain to a different CF account. I’m sure it’s some kind error on my part :slight_smile:

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Please share your ticket number here so that we can flag it for our Support colleagues.

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