Transferring domain that has been pre-paid for an extended period

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Before I initiate the transfer of my domain I just want to make sure this works as I expect. In 2015 I purchased a domain via GoDaddy, and I pre-paid for the first 10 years. This means, I have already paid until 2025. How does this work with Cloudflare. Can I just transfer my domain to Cloudflare, and expect not to be charged anything until 2025?

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You would have to get an official response from Support or @SamRhea.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

@sh.pedersen No, when you transfer to any registrar you must pay for ONE year, but this year will be added to your existing registration period, meaning that your new expiry date would be in 2026, and you would not have to pay for another renewal until that time.

Right now, it would make more sense to keep it at Godaddy - where you do not have to pay anything for the next six years - because Cloudflare’s system is currently far more buggy, has fewer features and far slower support (3 days) than Godaddy, and you will be paying money sooner than you have to.

Ok - thanks a lot!