Transferring domain registrar seems like I'm changing hosts

Perhaps I’m in over my head here but I’m the techie guy among my friends and I am trying to transfer my domain registrar for 30 domains from GoDaddy to CloudFlare and the first step has me scratching my head. I host everything at hostgator- I’m fine keeping hostgator.

From these instructions to change my domain registrar it seems like I am changing hosting!

So if this is really the process to move the domain registration from GoDaddy to CloudFlare and keep the hosting at Hostgator, then can anyone confirm that yes, it means being absolutely down for all my sites for at least 24 hours? (I could actually do that but want to avoid it if possible). I wish that support page would explain why I am changing my DNS servers as the first step.

Cloudflare is not a general purpose domain registrar. Cloudflare Registrar is a service for existing Cloudflare users really. Your nameservers must be active on Cloudflare before you transfer, and you have to keep using Cloudflare nameservers.

Cloudflare does not offer hosting and almost all sites on Cloudflare also have hosting somewhere else. Your Registrar and your Hosting provider don’t need to be related. Cloudflare Registrar has a limited set of TLDs available, so you cannot currently transfer most ccTLDs. But Cloudflare does offer very fast DNS and cost-price domain registration/renewal, so even if you don’t use any of the web performance and security features it might be worth the trouble.

No matter which registrar you transfer the domains to, make sure each domain is managed under your friends accounts, and not all bundled into your account. Otherwise you are stuck as the local tech support for another few years.

Changing nameservers does not involve downtime, unless you make a mistake.

Changing registrar does not involve downtime, unless somebody else makes a mistake.


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