Transferring domain out of CloudFlare to other reigstrar

Dear All,

I’m hosting domains for customers currently and tried migrating a few domains.

I realize it’s impossible to actually migrate the domain out of Cloudflare once you migrate in. I have to ensure that this is possible because, at client request, they might want to stop their services with us. We will then have to find a way to return the rights of the domain back to them.

  1. Would it be possible to transfer this domain to another Cloudflare Account
  2. Would it be possible to transfer the domain out of Cloudflare to another registrar by Jan 2020

After 60 days, you can transfer out.


You will be able to see the option to transfer out ?
Do you have an image of how it looks like and the process?

Hi @jonathantjh, the ability to move the domain will be cut in once we hit the 60 day mark, no workflow or wireframes that I’m aware of, but will look around.


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