Transferring domain DNS control from one CF account to another CF account

I have a domain registered at registrar SAV. The nameservers point to CF, specifically, a CF account controlled by a service provider.

I now want to take back control of this domain in my own CF account. As the domain hosts a live website, I am wondering what the smoothest method is (while avoiding downtime)

-Is there a mechanism within CF to transfer domain control from one CF account to another? or,

-Is there some way the current admin can save all the relevant parameters, which I could then import into my own account (and then effect a nameserver switch)?

-Is there some other method?



There’s terraform, but that’s generally more trouble than it’s worth. The only settings you can transfer would be DNS:

If the current admin can accommodate, screenshots of any existing Page Rules would be about the only other critical piece of information.

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Great, thanks…if I change my nameservers to point from one CF account to another CF account, the DNS records would stay the same anyways, right?

No, the new account comes with new name servers that will be “empty”. Your new account will need the full set of DNS records copied over.

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an advisor tells me:

The hard part will be getting CF to move your domain from their account to yours since the DNS servers will be the same. You might have to switch back to nameservers as an intermediate step.

SAV being my registrar. (and as a reminder, I am trying to move my domain from one CF account to my CF account)

Is what he’s saying accurate?

And would things be easier (propagation, etc.), if as a first step, I move my domain to CF?

They should not be the same. You’re really just starting over on a new account. The DNS export/import just makes it easier.

That’s not necessary, and just adds complexity to the situation.

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What sort of downtime should I expect for this scenario (switch from one CF account to another)…is it just propagation time? (so far, propagation has generally just been a few minutes for me…is that the likely scenario?)

There should be no downtime. If all the DNS records match, it will be a gradual transition between identical sets of DNS records. The only thing to keep an eye on would be the status of your SSL/TLS certificate in SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates.

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