Transferring Domain AWAY from Cloudflare Registrar

Hey you guys! Need to Transfer a domain AWAY from Cloudflare to another host. Have waited the 60 days (ICANN Rule) and have unlocked the domain on the Cloudflare side.
Is there a field that needs to be unchecked or has anyone run into such an issue before moving the domain away from Cloudflare.
The reason for moving away is that Cloudflare won’t allow the name servers to be changed or point to other servers on a free account.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey! Is there a specific issue/error preventing you from transferring the domain?

Finding info on Cloudflare is like looking for clouds on a cloudless sunny day.

To help those with a similar issue here are a few links that may help.
Once unlocking the domain you need to as well, DNSSEC needs to be switched off (not enabled) to allow the transfer.

Yep! the issue Cloudflare indicated that DNSSEC was still enabled but when I checked it wasn’t so I’m still perplexed about what the issue may be and still trying to troubleshoot it.


I am sorry you have those issues.

When you said “Cloudflare indicates that DNSSEC was still enabled”, was that in the dashboard?

DNSSEC records are updated overnight so if a change is initiated in the dashboard we have to wait the next day.

Please let us know if you still see this issue and open a ticket so we can assist you.

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