Transferring domain away from cloudflare - does the DNS zone file get removed when the transfer completes?

I’m working on a project where we’er moving a client’s domains from their web developer’s Cloudflare account (which has all her other clients’ domains in it) to a registrar that my client is in control of directly.

The web developer is still hosting the websites for the domains being transferred to another registrar, we just need to be in direct control of the domain names.

It’s my understanding that when the domain name transfer completes and the new registrar has control, the name servers will still point to Cloudflare.

I’m concerned about downtime and if the DNS zone at Cloudflare is deleted when the domain transfers?

This has happened in the past with other registrars so I’m just being careful and doing my due diligence. I don’t think it will delete because they have the website hosted in Cloudflare, but I just want to be careful and make sure there is not email outage or website down as a result of this domain transfer.

Your diligence is warranted and your client and teammates should consider themselves fortunate to be working with you.

That is not totally impossible, but in most cases it is unlikely. Cloudflare’s hosting products are extremely specialized. If you meant that they have the DNS hosted at Cloudflare, that matches the rest of what you have told us.

That all depends on the instruction provided to the receiving registrar when the transfer was initiated, but it certainly is one of the options. If retaining the existing nameservers is what was requested, the DNS should remain active on the current Cloudflare account. Have you coordinated with them to make sure they keep it active?

The kind words are appreciated. Sometimes I think too much but that’s usually not a bad thing in this business.
Thanks for clarifying the website is not hosted at Cloudflare, I confirmed that with the web dev and also confirmed that the DNS zone will stay intact after the transfer completes so this transfer shouldn’t cause too much pain for everyone involved.
I appreciate your expertise, thanks again for allaying my concerns.

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