Transferring DNS Records and Workers from one domain to another

Hi guys,
So recently one of my domains expired (.wtf) and instead of renewing it I just got a new domain (.ml).
Now I’m wondering if there is any easy way to transfer all my DNS/MX Records and Workers to the new domain (in the same cloudflare account) and just have it change everything from “.wtf” to “.ml”.
I already tried exporting and importing DNS Records but that did not work…

That would be the correct approach, of course you will have to adjust the file to match the new domain. What exactly did not work?

Workers are generally not associated with a domain but are just part of your Cloudflare account. The only thing that is associated with your domain is the domain mapping and that’s something you’ll have to manually add to your new domain.

That is, if we are talking about the same Cloudflare account of course.