Transferring registration from TSOHost to Cloudflare

Hi, I followed steps on Learn how to manage a .UK domain with Cloudflare. · Cloudflare Registrar docs to transfer 2 uk domain names from TSOhost to Cloudflare.
I updated the IPS tag to CLOUDFLARE
I did not change the nameservers to cloudflare - at the time I felt like I was missing a step but was rushing to do it and just followed the instructions in the link above, which frustratingly does not mention nameservers.
I no longer have access to change nameservers at TSOhost
What do I need to do to get this resolved?
Very concerned because names need to be renewed on the 16th in 2 days time and I can not see how to do that either?
Current status on cloudflare states Pending nameserver update - need to Update the nameservers at your registrar to activate Cloudflare services for this domain.
Thanks for looking

If Cloudflare accepted the Tag switch, you will need to create a registrar ticket. The community will not be able to help you with this.

If they reject the Tag switch, you will need to renew the domain at your current registrar and then change the nameservers afterwards.

For the future, I would recommend not trying to transfer a domain mere days before it expires. You are just causing unnecessary headaches for yourself. Cloudflare recommends you only transfer a domain if it has more than 15 days remaining:

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Thanks for the advice.

How do I tell if they have accepted the Tag switch?

To be honest I had looked at it weeks ago but there was some issue with an authorisation code which I could not find anywhere - still haven’t seen anything on that but guessing its because its a name - hence following the guide I referenced earlier.

I think I’m correct in believing that there is no FOA form for .uk domain names

I have just seen something at A step-by-step guide to transferring domains to Cloudflare in reference to renewing domain if remaining period is under 15 days frustratingly I wish i had seen that earlier

I’m not familiar with how exactly that works (never had a .uk domain), but I believe if the Tag in the Whois data was changed, that’s enough:

What exactly do you mean?

Following instructions correctly includes following said instructions in the right order. Jumping steps in a rush does not amount to following instructions.

Step (3) of said instructions was to select the domain in your Cloudflare account, from the list of eligible domains. To be able to do this, you would have added the domain to your Cloudflare account and changed nameservers for the domain to be fully active on Cloudflare.

Then, and only then, would you be able to select the domain as required in Step 3, proceed to check out, and then move on to Step 4 to request your current registrar to change the IPs Tag.

But it seems you short-circuited these steps and just asked your current registrar to change the IPS tag.

In fact, the same documentation you mentioned has this warning:


If you request your current registrar to update the IPS tag before completing the checkout process, the transfer request will be automatically rejected. You must complete the checkout process before requesting the IPS tag update.


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