Transferring .CO.UK domain to cloudflare - IPS Tag invaild?

Hello Cloudflare community how are you all doing? I was hoping to try and get some help today on transferring my domain from 1&1 to cloudflare.

I was looking at the developers guides on cloudflare website but I didn’t have the option to request authorization code. I spoke with 1&1 support who said I needed the IPS tag of the company I wanted to transfer the domain to.

Looking and

It was said cloudflare’s IPS tag is CLOUDFLARE, however when I type this into the 1&1 box to transfer I get an error saying “The entered IPS tag is unknown.”

So I was hoping to try and get some help and to confirm the IPS tag of cloudflare so I can transfer my domain across.

Thanks, John

Cloudflare does not support .uk domains under the registrar service yet.