Transferring a domain without DNS records

My current domain registrar is shutting and I am thus moving the rest of my domains to cloudflare. The old registrar has given me authorization codes in order to transfer the domains, but they won’t update the nameservers anymore. Which means I cannot get the sites properly registered on CF, which in turn means I cannot transfer domain ownership.

Is there a way to transfer a domain (with the authorization code) without having to have the nameservers configured?

Doing it via the API would be fine by me if the UI does not support it.

Not officially. You can try to contact support and maybe they can perform some “magic” :slight_smile: but generally you’d first need to have to domain on Cloudflare in order to start the transfer.

Alright, that’s what I feared. Thanks for answer anyway

Try the support approach, but dont keep your expectations too high up :slight_smile:

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