Transferring a domain without changing the NameServers

Can I transfer a domain into Cloudflare without changing the NameServers at my other host, as Wix won’t allow this. However, they did give me an EPP Code (Authorization) for Cloudflare and said this is a work around? Anybody have experience with this? Thanks.

Unfortunately, transferring your domain to Cloudflare without changing the NameServers is not possible. Here’s why: before a domain can be transferred to Cloudflare, it must first be pointed to Cloudflare’s NameServers. But Wix, in your case, won’t allow such changes. The EPP code (Authorization) you obtained from Wix is necessary for the transfer, but it won’t bypass the NameServers requirement. Therefore, you might have to consider a different registrar that allows NameServer changes or request manual override from Wix support.

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