Transferring a domain to CloudFlare (Additional Costs)

Hi there, I’m interested in transferring my domains to CloudFlare. Just wondering, it says transferring a domain would cost $7.85 each. Is that the full price for the 1 year renewal or is that a separate fee just for transferring? Also if that’s the case, will I pay the same $7.85 every year?

Also, with previous experience using hosts like BlueHost, providers have charged additional fees for ‘domain protection’. Is domain protection included when transferring a domain to CloudFlare? Or is extra security an add-on after transfer is complete?

Thanks in advance,

That is the renewal fee; ICANN requires all domain transfers to extend the registration by 1 year, so you have to do so on each transfer.

And yes, that’ll be the price you pay every year, but the TLD your domain uses can decide to increase prices at any time which you’d then have to pay upon next renewal.

If you mean “Domain Privacy Protection”, then no, CF does this for free, and in fact, nearly all registrars have to do it for free now due to GDPR laws. As for their “Protect Malware Scanner” product, CF doesn’t host your website so it can’t scan it for malicious files.

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