Transferring a domain that is currently owned by someone else?

What is the best way to transfer ownership of a domain and switch the registrar?

The domain in question is currently registered at namecheap.
The owner want’s to hand it over to me.

In the docs I read the I will have to provide contact information when attempting to transfer the domain. And that it has to match the one from the previous registrar.

So what would be the recommended way to properly hand over the domain?

You don’t need contact information. He unlocks it and gives you an authorization code.

I’m referring to this section of the docs:

In the final stage of the transfer process, input the contact information for your registration. Cloudflare Registrar redacts this information by default but is required to collect the authentic contact information for this registration. It is important that you provide accurate WHOIS contact information. You may be required to verify the contact information. Failure to provide accurate information and/or failure to verify the information may result in suspension or deletion of your domain.

Somehow I was interpreting the text tht this information is checked against the information that is currently in the WHOIS entry.

Are you saying this is not the case?

Absolutely not, it says your information. This is your new information. Do not use the old info.


Thank you for your replies.

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