Transferring a domain from OVH to Cloudflare issues

I have attempted to move my domain from OVH to Cloudflare. I followed the documentation but it gives me the following error…

Something went wrong…

An error occurred while processing the payment hold.
The following domains failed to transfer:

I have put the error into google and it kept pointing me to posts that was resolved by opening a support ticket. So I went ahead and also made a support ticket. Here is the ID…

ID: 3110814

Thank you for your time.

By “move”, do you mean change the registrar from OVH to Cloudflare? If so, did you add the domain to Cloudflare and set nameservers first?

I have done that. I would like to transfer my domain from OVH to Cloudflare.

That issue needs to be handled by the Billing/Registrar support, so you were right to submit a ticket. I have also escalated this topic and Support will reach out on the ticket.

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Thank you <3

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