Transferring a Cloudflare site from old Dev to Owner?

A past developer has gotten busy with other work, and is unable to continue supporting our client. This dev set up the cloudflare FREE site configuration under his personal account. We are looking for documentation or guidance on how to transfer the domain from his account to our, or preferably to a new account set up by Owner. The domain itself is registered through GoDaddy…Cloudflare is used for DNS + Cache.

He can’t share admin access as he’s controlling multiple client domains on his free account, so a clean transfer is necessary.

Thanks in advance.

This is a good start. You can start from scratch on a new account here with its own two Cloudflare name servers. Then update the GoDaddy account to point to those two new name servers.

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Thanks @sdayman I’m aware that we can start over, but thought there’d be some type of transfer functionality, especially considering that it would be a pain to recreate page rules, firewall rules, workers, etc.


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